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Toyota Considering Developing Semi-Trucks with Fuel Cells

In the latest developments and news in the semi-truck industry, Toyota will start researching possibilities for their developing their fuel cell technology and seeing if it has the potential to work in semi-trucks. Currently, Toyota sells a car in California that uses this technology, the Toyota Mirai, and plans to put two fuel cell passenger cars on the road in Japan next year.

In the Toyota Mirai, the fuel cell technology works by combining hydrogen and oxygen to create electricity. The technology then propels the car using electricity. Owners refuel the car similarly to how one pumps a modern car or semi-truck with gas, but instead of a gas pump they use a hydrogen fuel pump. The cars travel a similar distance to gas vehicles before they need to be refueled. Although fuel cell cars produce emissions, they're 30% cleaner than traditional fuel cars.

With 20% of greenhouse gasses in transportation vehicles being produced by semi-trucks, Toyota hopes creating a fuel cell semi-truck will make the industry more environmentally friendly. They also hope fuel cell semi-trucks will cut down on the smog and nitrogen produced industry-wide.

Although Toyota's initial inquiry is promising, it still faces some potential obstacles. It's still  unclear if it will be possible to scale the full cell technology into larger vehicles like semi-trucks. Also, there's currently a lack of hydrogen pumps available nationwide. Right now, the only US hydrogen pumps are in California, and most of them are in the Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Areas. However, as the Mirai becomes more popular, the number of stations will likely increase.  

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