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Samsung Safety Truck

Last summer, Samsung introduced its latest semi-truck technology designed to make highways safer for those sharing the roads with semis. Samsung's Argentinian division, unveiled to the public the first Samsung Safety Truck with a technology designed to make it safer for drivers to pass semis on the highway.

Samsung Electronics Argentina, in partnership with Volvo Trucks Argentina, several Argentinian trucking-industry companies, and some prominent tech and advertising companies, to create the first Samsung Safety Truck prototype which was subsequently tested on Argentine highways, known for their high incidence of highway accidents.

The truck's new technology uses two built-in front cameras and a specially-designed transportation software platform, courtesy of Argentinian technology company Ingematica, to capture and transmit a clear picture of the road ahead allowing vehicles trailing the truck to make more informed decisions about whether or not it's safe to pass. The picture is displayed to nearby drivers on a high-quality display on the back of the trailer consisting of four Samsung OH46D video walls, which are designed to be dust-proof and waterproof to ensure a clear picture regardless of weather or road conditions.

Since the project's development, the truck as captured the attention of the world. At the Cannes Lions 2015 Festival (world's most prestigious advertising festival), Samsung's Safety Truck won a Titanium Lion (the festival's highest award) along with three gold and three Silver Lion Awards. It also received a total of five Clio Awards (two gold and three silver), and Time Magazine named the Safety Truck 'one of the best inventions of 2015'.

Although it has yet to enter the manufacturing stage, its innovative technology is certain to prevent accidents and save lives when it finally hits the highway.