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Pilot Flying J Adding New Services For Truckers In 2017

Very often, semi-truck industry news articles talk about changes in regulations, technology and equipment. While that kind of information is important and useful, there are other concerns that professional drivers have. One of these is the availability and quality of truck stops. Truckers, especially those that work long-haul routes, depend upon truck stops for fuel, food, a safe place to rest and a hot shower. Pilot Flying J recently released a statement saying they have made a number of improvements to those types of services, as well as adding more.

Repairs & Maintenance

A breakdown, tire problem, or any other mechanical issue a driver encounters can throw their schedule off, and create unnecessary stress and strain. This is issue is most prevalent among independent drivers and smaller fleets. Flying J has plans to create a new repair and maintenance division that will mitigate the problem. Beginning January 16, 2017, Flying J plans to roll out a fleet of 150 roadside assistance trucks that will provide tire service and light duty repairs. In addition, they'll be constructing 20 tire and light maintenance brick-and-mortar shops to accommodate the needs of truckers.

Increased Parking

Hours of Service rules state that drivers are only allowed to be behind the wheel for 11 consecutive hours, after a 10 hour break. Because of this, they must find a safe, secure spot to park their rig and get some sleep. This isn't always easy, and those that cannot find a secure spot are often left with little choice but to pull off on the shoulder of the road, or park in a vacant lot with no security. Flying J provides 72,000 spaces for these hard-working individuals, 1,300 of which are new. What's more, they're implementing a real-time reservation system that will allow drivers to find, and hold a spot using their smartphone or other device.

Food & Showers

Eating healthy while on the road is a challenge, even for the more health conscious drivers. Fast food and snacks are giving way, however, to healthier choices such as salads and that fact hasn't gone unnoticed by Flying J. They're working to improve their dining choices, adding more fresh foods and fewer junk food options. With the new locations they've added, they're also providing more opportunities for drivers to find shower facilities. This is welcome news for drivers who, at the end of a long day, want nothing more than to grab a hot meal and a shower so they can rest up for the day ahead.

Without truck stops, the country's truck drivers would face long drives with no place to stop and rest. Flying J is an awesome example of a company that truly understands and cares about these hard-working individuals. Please, contact us to learn more about the trucking industry, including truck stops, equipment, rules and regulations. We are always happy to discuss these important issues with the trucking community.