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10 Simple Semi-Truck Maintenance Tips

Semi-trucks are expensive and any problem that could potentially crop up can be devastating to your checkbook. In order to keep your truck and your business running as smoothly as possible, we've put together a list of ten simple semi-truck maintenance tips for you to follow:

  1. Prioritize -- Make time to look over your truck and trailer at least once a month. This may seem like over-kill, but taking a little time out of your day could possibly save you a lot of money in the future.
  2. Inspect your Suspensions-- Look for cracks or strange wearing on the air suspensions. Make sure nothing is interfering with the springs, and check that the ride-height is correct.
  3. Check Air Pressure of Tires-- Blowing out a tire is the last thing you want to happen to your truck. Not only are tires expensive, but blow outs can be dangerous. Check to make sure your tire pressure is correct for each tire on both the truck and the trailer.
  4. Check Trailer Roof-- Look for leaks, holes and rust in the inside of your trailer. Water getting into the trailer can lead to damaged cargo. Better to have to patch one small hole than have to replace an entire trailer due to damage.
  5. Check the Engine-- Engine troubles are terrifyingly common for everyone, not just the semi-truck driver. Make sure there's no signs on leaks, overheating, unusual wearing or other potential problems. Catching them quickly can save you a lot of money in the long run.
  6. Grease Regularly-- Lube up your truck correctly and regularly. Don't mix types of lube (between lithium based and calcium based) and make sure you add enough lube each time to purge the old grease. It may not go bad, but dirty lube can cause just as many problems as no lube.
  7. Check Brakes-- A brake failure is the last thing anyone needs. Be sure to check that your brakes aren't wearing too quickly, or irregularly. If the brakes look like they need to be replaced, do so. 
  8. Check Electrics-- Corrosion can happen to your electrical lines at any time. Road salts and water are the cause of such things, and can lead to failure for your trailer lights, which is similar to waving a flag to be pulled over. Don't allow your electrical lines to die due to not noticing their condition.
  9. Check your Safety Equipment-- Make sure your tie-down straps, chains and tools are in working and reliable condition. It wouldn't do to have something break when you need it most and not be able to replace it.
  10. Keep it Clean-- A clean truck is a well-cared-for truck. De-Icing salts don't just damage the electrics, after all, and a good washing will keep your trailer safe from the corrosive properties the salts contain. Besides, the cleaner the truck, the easier it is to spot potential problems.

We hope you take these tips into consideration and wish you all happy trucking- Sam's Truck Sales