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Electric Semi-trucks Are On Their Way

The next wave of the future, electric semi-trucks, may be on its way to roads near you more quickly than expected. The truck company Nikola recently announced they'll be launching an electric semi-truck. " On Dec. 1 in Salt Lake City, the private company plans to show off its Nikola One electric truck as well as a model-agnostic battery pack and a hydrogen fueling station."

According to Nikola representatives, when it's completed, the Nikola One will have a score of zero emissions. This is exciting news, because the federal government regulations will get stricter over the next decade about the amount of emissions that semi-trucks can release. This means that the way the industry designs these trucks will need to change. With zero emissions, there's no concern these trucks will violate any future changes to government standards.

Originally, the company planned to have the truck run on battery power, with a natural gas back-up, but at the end of the August they announced the truck instead will run using a 800v hydrogen fuel center. They predict that the semi-truck will achieve a 15 to 20 mpg and be able to travel between 800 and 1200 miles at a time. Although the sudden change of power source left some skeptical of the project's viability, Nikola remains confident. They already over 7000 pre-orders for the truck model.

On December 1st, Nikola plans to unveil the Nikola One at a launch event in Salt Lake City, the company's headquarters. The event is invitation only, but the company plans to stream everything over the internet so all interested parties can get a first peek. Go to Nikola's website to watch the proceedings.

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