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Three Trends in Semi-Truck Industry News

As Semi-Truck Industry News goes, things never seem to slow down. Here are three trends unfolding in the industry now that you should be aware of.

1.) The EPA is rolling out stricter emissions standards for semi-truck trailers. As a result, semi-truck fleets must slash greenhouse emissions and raise efficiency with new technology. New federal standards are rolling out in three steps, with the final stage taking effect in about a decade from now. Tech upgrades will cost a pretty penny, as much as $12,000 per truck. But those expenses will be offset by fuel savings as a result of the more efficient semi-trucks. 

2.) As vehicles on the road move toward automation, the semi-truck industry is not on the side of the road. Instead, automated features are finding their way into the semi-truck industry, which is exciting but also makes the vehicles vulnerable to hacks. This is particularly true in light of the day and age we are in with terrorists looking to disrupt our freedoms. This is particularly frightening in light of the dangerous loads the industry delivers. If computer security isn't on your priority list, now would be a good time to think about how to protect yourself from hackers.

3. Pay no attention to the speed limit sign on the side of the highway. That's because large vehicles such as semi-trucks will soon be abiding by their own set of rules. The federal government, in an attempt to reduce both excessive speeding and accidents on the road, wants to put a cap on the speeds of large vehicles. To do this, large trucks may be required to add a technology device that will prevent the truck from exceeding a certain speed threshold. 

If you've got questions about any or all of these trends, don't hesitate to reach out to us at Sam's Truck Sales.