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Semi Truck Maintenance Tips For Smooth Running In The Summer

Most CDL drivers welcome the opportunity to let winter recede in the rear view mirror. The precious months ahead bring welcome relief from whiteouts and ice storms. Of course, summer also brings heat waves that make unique demands on a semi’s cooling system, tires and other critical components.

Make the most of the upcoming summer with these maintenance tips:

Tire pressure - Beware of tire pressure changes when summer temperatures soar. Every five-degree change in temperature changes tire pressure by approximately one PSI. Hundred-degree heat may increase tire pressure so much that tire wear and even safety are at issue.

Air filtration - Concentrations of air pollution, pollen and mold and other allergens can increase as they pass through the HVAC unit and into the cab, so air filtration is important. According to the Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ), concentrations of pollutants can increase by as much as eight times as they enter the cab when the cabin air filter is inadequate.

Endless hours of steady exposure to unhealthy air may impact a driver’s health, including fatigue levels. Your rig’s HVAC system can tackle heating with greater ease than cooling. Therefore, pressure test the air conditioning, and recharge as needed.

Cooling system - Understandably, cooling systems get special attention before winter weather sets in. However, it’s critical that radiators, hoses and other components be checked to ensure that they will cope with the system stresses imposed by summertime heat. Check for hoses that may have lost flexibility during last winter’s temperature extremes. Likewise, road salt can corrode metal clamps and other parts. Finally, the right concentrations of fresh coolant will increase the chances of trouble-free operation.

Electrical components - Older batteries, cables and other electrical parts are also prone to failure when temperatures soar. Electrical resistance due to corrosion often rises in the heat of summer, and this can subject alternators and starter to undue strain. Therefore, check voltage drop on the charging and starting cables.

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