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Freightliner Puts Investment Dollars Where They Count The Most

It’s no secret that Freightliner is a respected, longstanding member of the semi-truck industry. So, we were not surprised to read the Yahoo! Finance headlines and learn about their latest award. The 2016 US Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Leadership was certainly well-deserved and we can’t help but also marvel at Freightliner’s philanthropy. With all that their leadership has been doing as of late, perhaps they’ll win a semi-truck industry award for their big hearts as well.

Tar Heel State’s Labor Force Feels the Philanthropic Love

Just this past spring, Freightliner took a sweeping look at the semi-truck industry. Afterward, the firm’s leadership made a critical decision to invest in the community they chose to house their latest logistics center. The center, by the way, is stationed in North Carolina’s Cherokee County. Perhaps you saw the press releases touting the semi-truck industry news?

Why Cherokee County?

Cherokee County currently has slightly over 11,000 people in their labor force with convenient access to two major trucking highways, US-74 and US-64. Plus, the community is already home to two colleges, one university and three high schools with in-house programs favorable towards engineering, tech and manufacturing. As such, it’s perfectly positioned to help Freightliner grow overall.

Good Grooming at it’s Finest

The company’s philanthropic investment, we should note, also comes in the form of scholastic support. Accordingly, we’re sure local educators will put the funds to good use when it comes time to groom the semi-truck industry members of tomorrow. Why are we so certain Freightliner’s generosity will be beneficial to semi-truck industry education?

First off, the Tar Heel State’s trucking community has long been known to invest heavily in education. So, we believe Freightliner’s scholarship offer will fit right in with existing programs, including the NC Top Tech Challenge. As such, North Carolina’s residents are bound to be among the most classically educated along the major trucking corridor.

Second, we know that Freightliner’s parent company has an excellent track record of growing top talent nationwide. Just look at their well-respected CAReer Program as proof. Just imagine what kind of future Cherokee County’s graduates will be able to build with that! And don’t worry if your zip code doesn’t place you anywhere near North Carolina.

The Tar Heels Aren’t Alone

California’s trucking industry can benefit from Freightliner’s leadership and philanthropy as well. After all, the company’s in-house programs are available nationwide. In addition, at Sam’s Truck Sales, we’re proud to offer California residents the most affordable rates and flexible financing terms on used Freightliners. So putting those scholarship fueled educations to work after graduation will be easy. To find out how, contact Sam’s Truck Sales’ finance and sales teams today.