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Women in Trucking Association Turns 10

In the early days of the semi-truck industry, the profession was almost exclusively male dominated. Today, though, the landscape looks significantly different. Although more men still drive semi-trucks than women, the number of women in the profession is increasing incrementally. In 2013, female truck drivers jumped 50 percent, with over 300,000 female registered truck drivers. Undoubtedly, that number is even higher today.

Women in Trucking (WIT) was founded in 2007 to support female truck drivers, and now is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Originally a small organization, WIT now has over 4,500 members, including a minority male membership (16%) interested in WIT's mission and goals.

Ellen Voie originally founded the organization to provide assistance and support for women looking to find careers in the truck driving industry. In addition, WIT aims to spread awareness and educate the public about women in trucking careers and help women overcome challenges in starting and growing in the profession. WIT also looks to celebrate women's accomplishments in the transportation industries.

Over the past 10 years, WIT has accomplished a number of important goals. They partnered with the National Transportation Institute and co-created the WIT Index, which tracks female truck drivers and reports changes. They created benchmarks for gender distribution in the industry.

In addition, WIT holds an annual convention, Accelerate! Conference and Expo, which encourages gender diversity in trucking. They hold annual awards that celebrate women's accomplishments and work to give a spotlight to women working in the industry. In 2016, WIT gave over $20,000 in scholarships to educate and train aspiring female truck drivers and introduced transportation careers to Girl Scout troops. There's no doubt that WIT will continue to support gender diversity and female truck driver accomplishments for many years to come.

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