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Zeros Make New Heros in Semi-Truck Industry News

Did you happen to skim the NGTNews’ March 10th edition? It featured a piece by Lauren Tyler that contained semi-truck industry news worth repeating. Why repeat it? It’s because the article was about one of our favorite brands of truck, Freightliner.  As Tyler pointed out, the firm has been powering out revolutionary vehicles that boast state of the art drive trains and extraordinarily low emissions ratings.

Headline Grabbing Semi-Trucks by Freightliner

At Sam’s Truck Sales, we have a number of Freightliner models in stock right now, including vehicles from the firm’s PX, CA and CASC Series. Although all excellent models, it’s the latter, along with the M Series, that have been sending waves through the semi-truck industry news rooms. The M Series was covered well in Taylor’s article. She touched upon the vehicle’s zero-emission status and drive train. So, we’ll take a moment to focus on the CASC Series’ models instead.

Cascadia Series Captures Attention of Sam’s Tuck Sales Team

Short for Cascadia, the semi-trucks in this series, like their M Line counterparts, have a lot of features, advantages and benefits truckers will surely appreciate. They include, but are not confined to virtual technician services. The all-encompassing tech components provide diagnostics, support, over-the-air vehicle updates, cab-stored eVaults, service point location software and telematic alternatives just to name six.

In addition, the semi-trucks are aerodynamic with a bevy of options that won’t decrease the vehicle’s fuel efficiency. As such, drivers may enjoy such conveniences as being able to remove wheel covers with just the push of a button or regulate oil usage with the aid of a built-in, lubrication management system. And did we mention the Detroit Assurance™ systems compatible with this series’ models? In a word, they are incredible.

Come Face-to-Face with Low to Zero-Emissions Vehicles

With that being said, to learn more about Freightliner’s exciting lines of low to zero emission vehicles, please contact Sam’s Truck Sales Inc. today for a face-to-face with one of our sales reps.