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Maintenance Tips that Can Save Headaches and Heartaches

When it comes to semi-truck maintenance, pre-trip inspections for drivers are as important to proper truck maintenance and safety as pre-flight inspections are to pilots about to take to the skies. Every trip. Every time. Of course, a visual walk around of your truck and trailer allows you to see what needs attention on the surface, but that's only the surface. Check out these few tips that will help you get to your destination safely and save on more costly repairs.

1. Start with keeping accurate maintenance logs. Whether your company prefers digital or paper logs, keep up with it daily. Digital logs, however, give you the chance to set reminders for all routine maintenance from checking fluid levels to replacing parts before they fail. Taking care of these routine checkups can save a lot of money by avoiding more costly repairs later.

2. Flat tires, the bane of trucking life, can often be prevented with a thorough inspection, including pressure checks with an accurate gauge. According to the article "Tried and True Tire Repairs," it is important to look for foreign objects stuck in the tread and wicked little "balloons" appearing on the tire tread and sides. Inspect tires every day.

3. If your truck recently experienced an upgrade in equipment or safety technology, get the proper training right away on how to use it. Such a proactive response helps your vehicle become safer, last longer, and be more efficient. Writer Laura McMillan tells trucking companies that technologies and systems designed to improve safety must rely on drivers who use them correctly. "Train your drivers on new systems, equipment and safety expectations before they are expected to use them," she writes in "Knowing Isn't Fixing," (

Habitually applying these few tips will go a long way in keeping you and your truck safe to return home and help you avoid becoming sidelined by lengthy and costly repairs. Visit our website at Sam's Truck Sales to get more news and advice.