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Chevron's New Delo 400 Engine Oils

In a recent bit of semi-truck industry news, petroleum powerhouse Chevron has released its new line of Delo 400 engine oils. In the ongoing effort to increase fuel-efficiency and reduce dependence on fossil fuels, Chevron's new line meets the American Petroleum Institute's CK-4 and FA-4 heavy-duty diesel oil specifications. 

Newer engines will benefit most from the FA-4 oil's ability to increase fuel economy and protect against wear and tear. Alternatively, the CK-4 oils are for use in both new and old engines, though newer models will benefit most. 

The new products make use of Chevron's Isosyn Advanced Technology. This tech includes combinations of premium Chevron oils, additional chemicals and years of expertise in mixing and formulation. Isosyn Advanced Technology allows greater durability in engines as it reduces oxidation, protects against wear and extends drain intervals. Both the FA-4 and CK-4 oils are upgrades from the American Petroleum Institutes previous CJ-4 category.

Increased oil drain intervals alone provide myriad benefits. Decades past, truckers needed to drain and replace their oil every 500 miles. Thanks to new technology like Chevron's, oil change intervals have been greatly increased. Nowadays, the intervals are closer to 25,000 miles, with some of the newer engine models at an even higher mark. Greater efficiency out of a truck's engine oil means fewer mandatory stops, less money out of the driver's pocket, and a speedier delivery.

While both the FA-4 and CK-4 lines will benefit new engines, Chevron recommends only the CK-4 be used in older models. While CK-4 oil won't ruin newer FA-4 engines, Chevron says there will likely be a reduction in oil drain levels and fuel economy. To help customers decide what's best for them, Chevron is commencing an adviser service that will assess each individual client's needs.