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Balancing the Benefits and Risks of Semi-Truck Technology

Trucking companies work in pretty much the same way as they always have. They own and maintain a fleet of vehicles and trailers, employ professional drivers, and transport cargo for companies across industry lines. But, like all of modern life, technology has become an integral part of the trucking industry. Some tech is required by federal law, while other advances are implemented as a company sees fit. There are some inherent benefits, and risks involved with using semi-truck technology and the secret to success is striking a balance between them.


Technology offers a variety of benefits to logistics providers of all types and sizes. Namely, it allows them to collect important data so that it can be analyzed to determine what actions are required to improve procedures. It also provides the opportunity for information to be passed easily between departments and individuals. This results in increased efficiency, and helps eliminate costly mistakes caused by human error. These things, when combined, create a more competitive trucking company that is more likely to be profitable than those that do not embrace technology.


Unfortunately, trucking technology is not fail-safe, and companies can find themselves in a precarious position if they are not careful. Thieves and hackers can sometimes break into trucking company files, gaining access to delicate financial information, personnel data, routes, and even load manifests. Once data is lost in this way, it can be used to steal loads, money, or trade secrets, causing great financial harm to the company. What's more, customers will be tentative about dealing with a trucking company that has been attacked, for fear of their information being stolen as well.


Some technologies will soon be mandatory, such as electronic logging devices (ELDs), while others are used to make order fulfillment, route planning, recordkeeping and other tasks faster and easier. Adapting to the newest trends in technology is imperative for trucking companies. Equally important is the fact that they have to make sure that they have security measures in place to thwart would-be thieves and hackers. They must also train their drivers, and other employees, on the proper procedures for handling information to avoid inadvertently revealing information to others.

Technology is a part of nearly every aspect of the trucking industry, from order processing to dispatching to deliveries. The challenge for logistics professionals, however, is balancing the benefits with the risks to provide safe, efficient, cost-effective solutions for customers. If you want to learn more about semi-truck technology, and how to keep your company's data safe, please contact us. We will be happy to share our expertise with you.