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Eco-Friendly Trucking: Options Making a Difference

What Does Eco-Friendly Mean?

Being eco-friendly is making it a priority to be more conscientious about the environment around us, or being "earth-friendly," as defined on SFGate. "This term most commonly refers to products that contribute to green living or practices that help conserve resources like water and energy." 

Diesel is the Better Fuel for Our Environment

Our trucking industry is vital to our country's economy. It's good to understand how diesel-powered trucks are the better alternative for our environment, as explained on Genolevures. And, diesel engine manufacturers are working hard to deliver more eco-friendly options than what we have now.

  • "Burning diesel lead to fewer emissions including carbon dioxide and also carbon monoxide."
  • Biodiesels are "chemically modified animal fat or vegetable oil rather than petroleum" that are offering a cleaner option.
  • "Diesel does not require a long refining process, it's both easier and cheaper to create."
  • "Diesel is also less dangerous to breathe when doing work in confined spaces."
  • "99% of diesel automobile manufacturers install the gas recirculation system (ERG)" that reuses the initial exhaust fumes a second time, lowering toxins into the air by "50%."

Additional Ways Trucking Can Contribute to a Greener Living

We can all contribute to a more eco-friendly environment. Here are simple ways to go green, as outlined on Factor Finders

  • With today's smartphone apps, it's easy to "plan your routes" to cut down on mileage wear and tear as well as fuel usage. Try avoiding high traffic areas to keep your truck from sitting idle for long periods. Using a mobile app, such as "WAZE," helps you know what delays are ahead and gives an alternate route to keep you on the move.
  • Getting gas when the temperatures are cooler is one way of " driving smarter." You will be able to pump more fuel into your tank. Whenever possible, travel at a consistent speed to avoid stopping and starting. 
  • If you're not mandated to use an electronic logging device (ELD), try to "go paperless" and save up to "seven trees worth of paper per year!" HaulHound reviews a few electronic logging applications to help go paperless. 
  • It's so easy to "recycle." Keep a trash bag for recyclables
  • Fifth, and crucial for every trucking business, is "maintaining your truck." Not only are you keeping your semis safe for travel and more fuel-efficient, but you are also contributing to a greener way of living. "Keeping your engine air filter clean alone can improve fuel efficiency by up to 10 percent.

Michigan Truck & Equipment: Keeping Your Semi(s) Well-Maintained and Eco-Friendly

Michigan Truck & Equipment (MTE) offers you a one-stop solution for all your trucking needs. We offer an excellent service, Diesel Force, to maintain the efficiency of your diesel engines. We're here to keep your trucks well-maintained and eco-friendly