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Smart Driving, Technology, and Regular Maintenance Will Improve MPG

Focus is on Medium- and Heavy-Duty Fuel Efficiency

At Michigan Truck Sales and Equipment (MTE), we're focused on delivering the best in pre-owned medium- and heavy-duty equipment inclusive of construction equipment and semi-trailers. Along with our commitment to providing dependable and reliable used equipment, we have a dedicated, factory-trained ASE Certified team of technicians. Uptime is always in mind, and we strive to provide fast, quality maintenance and repairs. 

As found on, the U.S. Department of Energy Vehicle Technologies is turning the focus toward "the medium- and heavy-duty truck market." Although "many truck efficiency-focused programs have been around for a decade or longer but operated with little attention," more funding is being dedicated to truck efficiency research. 

Smart Trucking Operations Help Improve MPG 

Recently published on Fleet Owner, truck drivers have a significant impact on miles per gallon "more than any technology on the truck." It is reported that there can be as much as "35%" difference of fuel efficiency "between the most and least efficient drivers."

  • Maintaining steady speeds, keeping a safe distance to alleviate braking and speeding up can help save on fuel up to "20%."
  • Keeping speeds around 65 in place of 75 can save up to "15%" in fuel while adding only about "15.5%" additional travel time.
  • "Heavy-duty truck engines use up to one gallon of diesel per hour while idling." Integrating "battery-electric auxiliary power unit is one way to be more fuel efficient while making sure drivers have access to air conditioning or heating when needed."
  • Understanding how tire wear and tear, inefficiently operating filters, and "dirt buildup" can decrease fuel efficiency. 
  • Coordinating "stops for food, fuel, showers, maintenance, and personal needs" can also positively affect fuel efficiency.  

To follow-up to the Fleet Owner article, American Trucker reports the importance behind training truck drivers to know how to achieve higher fuel efficiency through smart driving procedures. In regards to big fleets, it makes sense to pair up less-experienced drivers with veteran drivers to learn how to efficiently operate medium and heavy-duty trucks to get more miles to the gallon. 

Let the MTE Service Team Keep Your Fleet Running Efficiently

While we cannot help you operate your truck on the road, the MTE service team can keep your truck(s) maintained to run efficiently and realize fuel efficiency. Don't ignore routine maintenance and repairs, because you don't want to waste money on fuel, and you don't want your truck(s) to break down over the road. Call or stop in to schedule any necessary maintenance and repairs. We're always honored to be your choice for all your trucking needs.