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New Preventive Maintenance Products to Make Your Life Easier

Whether you're new to trucking or a seasoned vet, good semi-truck maintenance tips are probably always welcome. The ability to take care of your rig while you're on the road is a skill that takes awhile to get down, but once you do, it can make your job much smoother. Knowing how to make repairs when something goes wrong is valuable, but not as valuable as knowing how to keep things from going wrong in the first place.

Here are a few new preventive maintenance products from Purkeys and AutoMeter designed to help you do just that:

  • 6-station battery charger. The charger is an automatic, multi-station 5-amp battery charger capable of charging 6 AGM or flooded cell batteries at a time. Keeping batteries charged in cold weather can be tough, and the 6-station charger can help keep battery stations both organized and automated.
  • Milliamp clip-on ammeter. The device is capable of measuring up to 4000 mA and identifying parasitic loads without interrupting the circuit. Parasitic loads can drain your battery quickly, and often without you even being aware of it. The ability to detect power-draining circuits before they kill your battery can be a lifesaver.
  • Handheld electrical analyzer. In the vein of monitoring power usage, clip-on ammeters aren't the only tools you'll need. A handheld electrical analyzer can test cranking systems, charging systems, lift gate charging systems and voltage drops. 
  • Bench top electrical analyzer. Much like the handheld electrical analyzer, the bench top analyzer is capable of testing the same systems and voltage levels. The only difference is that this one is for use in the shop, while the handheld model is great for taking on the road with you.

Preventive maintenance is extremely important. Some maintenance issues occur gradually over time, and knowing what's going on with your truck in the here-and-now can save you a lot of time - and money - down the road.

If you would like any additional information regarding semi-truck maintenance, please feel free to contact us at any time.