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The Michigan Truck & Equipment Family Cares About America's Truck Drivers

Michigan Truck & Equipment takes great pride in partnering with our customers to keep their trucking investments in great condition and moving down the road. We understand how important our truck drivers are to our country's trucking industry. These men and women spend countless hours away from home delivering products that everyone in America enjoys in one way or another. A great way to say thank-you is to show we care about their livelihoods while on the job. has an informative article to share. "Exercises That Truckers Can Do In Their Vehicle" by Diranian, S. ( 2017, September 11) gives a few exercises with directions on when and how to do them. also offers a great article to help our truckers think about their eating habits. "Healthy Eating for Truckers" by Beaudette MED., RDN, M. (2017, October 03) reviews just a few tips to eat healthier over the road.

  • Begin your day with foods that make you feel full for a longer period such as oatmeal and fruit. Broth-based soups and salads give you a feeling of fullness that will curb your appetite and cut down on other high caloric foods. 
  • Keep healthy snacks on hand, and you will feel much better. Fruit and nuts are great snacks, and there are many protein bars on the market.
  • Sugar drinks are a big factor in extra weight. Diet drinks often lead you to crave sweets. As the author reports water, unsweetened tea and coffee are the better choices. For a simple way to add flavor to your water, add a few fruit slices.

Michigan Truck & Equipment is a family-owned business that specializes in sales of pre-owned semi-trucks, trailers and construction equipment. We are proud to be a NAPA Truck Service Center, and our ASE Certified technicians work hard to keep trucks moving so America's truck drivers keep products transported for us all. 

If you're looking to upgrade or add to your fleet, we have some great, used semi-trucks that your drivers will love. It is always an honor to partner with you. Give us a call, or drop in to look over our inventory.