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Our Tribute to the Men and Women Who Move America

Wishing our Trucker Drivers a Merry Christmas!

It's that time of year when all of us begin reflecting on the past year. Not only do we reflect back upon 2018, but the Robertson Truck Sales team along with the entire Robertson Truck Group Family have years to remember working with America's truck drivers. We thought it would be a time to take a break and add some joy for everyone, especially our truck drivers, as you enjoy trucking and holiday songs, memories and trivia.

Let's Respect our Truck Drivers on the Roads

"Brothers of the Highway" by Tony Justin commemorates the camaraderie that joins our trucking men and women together. They are definitely our "Knights of the Road." Let's all be sure to respect these hard-working men and women. Share the roads. Don't cut them off. If you're driving up a ramp to get onto the highway, the fast-moving vehicles have the right of way. Please don't move in front of a truck and slow down. There is a heavy load to stop.

Be Courteous; Their Days are Long

"Eighteen Wheels And A Dozen Roses" by Kathy Mattea pays tribute to many truck drivers' long days and years of delivering products we all use. Let's start 2019 off helping make all of our roads safer for travel. 

Please do not text as you are driving along any road. By the time you look up, you may be smashing into a big rig and causing a major accident. Maybe we need to go back to the good old days and use the CB radios. Think of a great "handle" name for yourself. If you're too young to know about the CB radio, and you're wondering about some of the quoted phrases, have fun learning the trucking lingo.

When you see a truck with a blinker needing to move over, let them get over. They need to get out of the "hammer lane" and move to the "granny lane." They may need to get off on the next exit, or they may have a warning light that needs attention. Whatever the reason, be courteous to anyone with a blinker signaling. For anyone that doesn't use this simple communication device that every vehicle has, it really does make the highway roads safer. It is meant to help communicate your intentions.

For fast cars that feel the need to weave in and out of close traffic, remember all the people that are in the trucks and cars that can be hurt if you cut someone off that causes a chain reaction accident. Please "back off the hammer." 

Winter is a Dangerous Time for our Truckers

Truck drivers must travel the winter roads. We can all help them by driving carefully too. Good truck drivers are not going to travel fast across dangerous roads. Allow them to move at the speed that is safe. When you see trucks backing up the roads, just turn on this song and enjoy the ride. They are just as frustrated too. They have our products to deliver. 

Truck Drivers are Santa's Helpers

How does Santa get all those toys in every town for all the children to have something to open at Christmas? Yes, it's our truck drivers. They work tirelessly to get products moved across the country so that we all can have what we want. While they are rolling along, their thoughts may create a poem as found on Overdrive. "I heard the Jakes on Christmas day..." by Wendy Parker, a wife who travels with her husband to keep America moving.

"A Trucker's Christmas" by David Currey will help you realize they are truly helping Santa, and missing time with their own families. "Wally World" needs toys.

Wishing Everyone a Safe and Happy Holiday Season

We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. As 2019 quickly arrives, you know the Robertson Truck Sales team is here at 740-397-4969 when you are looking for the best pre-owned medium and heavy-duty trucks and equipment. We have a large inventoryready to start your New Year rolling. To all of the men and women truck drivers, thank you for your dedication to keeping America moving.