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Keeping Up with The Trucking Industry's Technology Revolution

Committed to the Trucking Industry and Its Innovative Technology

Robertson Truck Sales and its Robertson Truck Group Family partners continue to progress with the technology revolution that is shaping many industries. It's fascinating to see so many advances in such a short time, and we're committed to keeping up with the technology that is changing the trucking industry. 

Innovations Affecting the Trucking Industry

Found on Software Advice, "6 Ideas Revolutionizing Trucking and Fleet Management Technology" by Burnson, F., the author shares some of the exciting innovation making changes to the trucking industry. 

  1. Truck driving robots have made it onto the scene. Life on the roads and highways are not ready for this revolution, but it is coming to help deal with the truck driver shortage and the strict rules regarding drug use. Check out what Mercedes calls the "Future Truck 2025."
  2. Track Your Truck relays information back to a fleet manager to know how safe a driver is moving along the roads and highways such as over braking trends, speeding, making sharp turns and more. Although it is like "Big Brother" is watching, the goal is to make the roads safer for everyone.
  3. Cloud-based software, also known as "Service-as-Service (SaaS)" is making IT applications more affordable for the smaller to mid-size businesses. These apps can help companies with: "scheduling, fleet maintenance, IFTA compliance, route planning, and load optimization."
  4. "Uber for Trucking" applications are giving trucking companies the ability to operate more efficiently with full truck/trailer loads. Another benefit to trucking companies is that this allows them to reduce the need for "middlemen freight brokers." The author mentions "Cargomatic, Convoy and Transfix."
  5. Check out the "big screen" on the Samsung Safety Truck developed by Samsung now being used in Argentina on one lane roads. It's technology that hasn't reached the United States just yet. It should help alleviate motorists passing our big rigs in dangerous situations.
  6. Trucker Path is well-known by many truck drivers. Burnson mentions the continuing reliability in Trucker Path Pro.

Better Efficiency Seen using "Uber for Trucking" 

Doft, a new trucking platform developing in California is working to help owner-operators and freight shippers to connect. The goal of this innovative  business is helping to solve trucking logistical problems that waste time and money. Truckers and shippers are quickly connected alleviating downtime for truckers and sitting product for shippers. As you will read in their FAQ page, they currently only operate within the boundaries of California, but they hope to branch out into new markets in the future.

Capabilities to be Your One Trucking Solution

Robertson Truck Sales is proud to be your premier, pre-owned truck dealer in Mid-Ohio. We specialize in not only quality, pre-owned medium, and heavy-duty trucks and equipment we also have highly-trained, diesel technicians with all the latest technology in our shop to deliver the best maintenance and repairs. Our fabrication division can customize your equipment to meet your specific trucking requirements. Our paint and detail shop will also customize any truck or your entire fleet to make your company stand out moving along the roads. We're here at 740-397-4969 to give your business the best solutions for all of your trucking needs.