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The Coming of Alternative Fuels

At Robertson Truck Sales, located in Mount Vernon, Ohio, we're committed to keeping up with everything that affects our trucking industry. Together with the entire Robertson Truck Group Family, we're here to give our customers, old and new, a one-stop solution for every trucking need.

The trucking industry has been regulated to deliver emission control. Reaching a goal of "near-zero and zero emissions" has led to the manufacturing of Class 8 natural gas big rigs as found on Transport Topics. "Trucking to Turn More to Alternative Fuels, Experts Say" by Gilroy, R. (2018, October 18) reports how "sales of Class 8 natural gas-fueled trucks are rising." With the push for cleaner fuel solutions, "grants and incentives for using alternative fuels are expanding." Additional regulations will also be coming as the leading shippers make the move to alternative fuel-powered vehicles.

The natural gas-powered engine by Cummins, Inc., Westport ISX12N, has shown to beat the EPA standard. Already, there are over "1,000" fueling stations offering natural gas which is far more than stations equipped for electrified and hydrogen fuel cell trucks. 

The biggest challenge as reported is getting the right people to accept the move away from diesel, especially the "large for-hire truckload carriers." In the not so distant future, there will be tougher EPA standards regarding "carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases." Paying for the new equipment is also a problem. In California and Texas, states grants or incentives are already in play. California is leading the convoy aiming to have trucks weighing more than "14,000 pounds" required to have an engine no older than "2010." This regulation will take effect in "2023."

The team at Robertson Truck Sales has been helping move the trucking industry since 1984. Whatever our industry requires, we will be here to keep our customers moving with the best in sales, service, and parts. It is always an honor to work and partner with our customers to deliver the best solutions for every trucking need. Drop in, or give us a call at 740-397-4969 when you need the best trucking solution in Ohio.