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Semi Trucks Transported Wreaths to Support Veterans

With the capacity to transport a wide variety of large loads, the semi-truck industry has taken part in a number of community service support missions. We're proud to report that recently, hundreds of trucks participated in Wreaths Across America's efforts to honor our veterans.

Every December, Wreaths across America holds wreath laying ceremonies for deceased veterans. The ceremonies take place across cemeteries throughout the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic United States. In order to deliver the thousands of wreaths in timely fashion, the nonprofit organization relies on truck drivers' support. This year, a number of trucking organizations participated, including the American Trucking Association, Truckload of Respect, and Fleet Management Solutions.

Some of the participating truck drivers are veterans themselves, and described it as being personally moving to be part of the wreath laying ceremony. One driver also reported that being part of this effort every year allowed him to hear stories of heroic, brave acts our veterans have taken while in the line of duty. Another truck driver reiterated that the industry is also committed to the support of helping veterans after they return home from war.

In return, Wreaths Across America helps spread awareness of the importance of the truck drivers and the truck driving industry to our American economy. A few of the truck drivers participate in education initiatives in the local communities, as well as young students, to educate them about the trucking industry, as well as the commitment to honoring our veterans. Additionally, Wreaths Across America puts up a tracking page where, during the trucking journey, people can refresh the page hourly to view the position of the wreath delivery semi-trucks.

By participating in causes like Wreaths Across America, the semi-truck industry can give back to the community and remain an important cornerstone of American culture.