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The 2018 CVSA Roadcheck Results

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2018 CVSA Results are Important to Review

The results are now published from the CVSA 2018 International Roadcheck. This year's focus was on "hours-of-service compliance." Semi-trucks and buses went under inspection from June 5th through the 7th in Canada and the U.S. The North American Standard Inspections (NAS) Levels I, II and III are utilized.

Of the "67,502" inspected vehicles, "15,981" were placed out-of-service, and "3,035 drivers" were placed out-of-service. Take note that "211" vehicles pulled off the road were due to "hazardous materials/dangerous goods."

What was the main out-of-service culprit for vehicles? Brake systems were reported to be the cause for "4,356" vehicles to be pulled out-of-service. Tires and wheels were another reason for "3,056" vehicles to be pulled off the road.

It is important to note the percentages of cargo and load securements that were another reason for vehicles to be put out-of-service. Again, hazardous and dangerous materials are involved.

What was the main out-of-service issue with drivers? "1,326" drivers were not compliant with hours of service. The second issue for drivers was carrying the wrong class license.

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