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Semi-Trailer Innovation in the News

Robertson Truck Sales, and the entire Robertson Truck Group Family, is always excited about new innovation for the trucking industry. Lots of have been in the news for our semi-cabs and now there is promising innovation for the semi-trailer.

Found on Roadshow, "Bosch brings EV benefits to semi trailers - The trucks themselves aren't the only piece of the puzzle that can benefit from electrification" by Krok, A. (2018, August 28), announces the introduction of electric motors for a trailer's axle. This is exciting news for truck drivers having to back up trailers to loading docks. Why not let the trailer do the work? As the author points out, this technology brings a few great benefits to the logistics of the trucking industry.

  • Recouping energy is a huge benefit from this trailer axle innovation that can actually "act as a generator."
    • "Kinetic energy" will have the capability to be transferred to a storage battery.
    • Great solution for refrigerated trailers that could deliver huge savings.
  • Powering autonomous trailers to handle the "last bit of travel from road to depot," with the help of other innovative sensors installed.

As Krok concludes, this technology is not "far-off." It will cause trucking companies to spend quite a lot of money on these electrified trailers, but Bosch is also hoping "to sell retrofit units" that will allow older trailers to have this exciting technology.

Robertson Truck Sales looks forward to seeing more about this innovation with promising benefits, especially to cooling our reefer units. The retrofit units will be a great alternative for many owner-operators and smaller companies to be able to share in this innovation. With the high demand for truck drivers, it is important to give all our truckers and trucking companies the ability to better their fleets to increase efficiency. 

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