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Limitations Reinstated On Diesel Glider Trucks

The team at Robertson Trucks Sales is here to keep our customers equipped with the best-used semi-trucks, medium and heavy-duty trucks and equipment in the Ohio area. Keeping up with the changes affecting our dynamic, trucking industry is important to us and to serving our customers with the best sales and service.

Found on Green Car Reports"EPA reinstates limitations on dirty diesel glider trucks" by Evarts, Eric C. (2018, July 27) reports that the EPA will be enforcing limits on the dirty "glider trucks."  As reported, these glider trucks were a way of salvaging an older engine from wrecked, big rigs. Because of the money saved, these trucks created alternative choices to save a substantial amount of money. 

Along with our Environmental Protection Agency, trucking manufacturers are also in favor of having a limit on glider trucks that can be available for sale. Found on, "Environmentalists Sue to Force EPA to Reinstate Glider Truck Cap" by Adler, A. (2018, July 18) shares how truck manufacturers, Volvo Group and Daimler Trucks North America, are in favor of having a cap on the sale of glider trucks. Not only does it hurt new truck sales, it also is unjust to the investment that these companies make to meet the emission standard requirements. 

The trucking industry is in a "catch-22" situation between helping our smaller trucking companies and owner-operators versus keeping our trucking manufacturers developing new equipment with the latest technologies to deliver new safety and efficiency features. 

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