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2017 Annual Output Report and the Global Forecast for Semi-Trailers

Robertson Truck Sales, a division of the Robert Truck Group with 34 years invested in our growing, trucking industry, sells used medium and heavy-duty trucks and equipment and is a certified dealer for Fontaine trailers. Recently, the 2017 numbers were made available for the annual survey with respect to how many semi-trailers were produced by America's largest trailer manufacturers. Fontaine ranked among these top, semi-trailer producing companies.

Reported on MPC (Marketplace of Cincinnati) by Stazzone, S. in Industry Resources (Last Updated: 2018, June 28) "Top 25 Trailer Builders and Manufacturers," 2017 had a small increase of trailers, "1820," manufactured when compared to 2016 looking at the top trailer manufacturers. 

There were several alterations noted in the truck-trailer industry during 2017. 

  • Hyundai Translead took moved up as a top producer with "10,000 more trailers" built compared to 2016.
  • "16" trailer manufacturers reported higher output in 2017.
  • "Platform and tank trailers" were shown to have been in more demand from "construction and oil field industries."

From the MPC article, there is a clickable link that gives a detailed breakdown of the top 25. At the end of this list, you can download the actual, annual report in pdf format. From the annual report, you will read that 2017 in comparison with 2015 reveals a decline of "24,000." The increase for 2017 was attributed to Hyundai Translead's increased production of trailers. So, what does the future hold?

Recent news out of Hawaii News Now"Semi-Trailer Market to Showcase Significant Growth in the Coming Years – Report by Marketsandmarkets™" (2018, July 17) is a global-based report. As you will read, the global demand for semi-trailers is expected to grow "at a CAGR of 4.98% from 2017 to 2025." Close, but higher, to the percentage of U.S., global "road transport carries almost 80% of inland freight volume." Here, in the US, it's been reported around 70%. Semi-trailers are important to the global, trucking industry with their demand to be driven higher in the "industrial, mining and construction activities in emerging regions."

As in the US, the global semi-trailer market is seeing changes offering more efficient, economic and technological solutions. 

  • Airflow designs to reduce air resistance in order to obtain better fuel efficiency.
  • Developing "advanced technologies offering telematics and stability control." 

Global, growth trends for body types are forecasted (highest to lowest): "dry van, refrigerated, flatbed and low boy segments." The Asia-Pacific market looks to be the reason for "25t and less than 3 axles" trailers to be in the highest demand in the forecasted future.

For North America, there are numerous driving forces for being a leader in the semi-trailer market.

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