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Keeping Semi-Trailers Safely Rolling Along Our Roads

Robertson Truck Sales is part of the Robertson Truck Group that has built a team of businesses to bring expert sales and service to their customers. The trucking industry is more exciting than ever with a high demand for drivers and technicians. We pride ourselves on offering quality, previously owned medium and heavy-duty trucks along with semi-trailers and other equipment. We are Mid-Ohio's certified dealer for great, name brand semi-trailers.

Recently in the news, a semi-truck brake fire spread to the refrigerated trailer. While servicing brakes on your big rig and your semi-trailer is extremely important, we are focusing on keeping your semi-trailers in proper working order.

Although this is a bit of old news, it's a very important write-up that is important to keep circulating. Found on LinkedIn"Truck Fires - Top 10 Causes" by Harris, R. (2016, September 8) gives a very informative review of truck fire causes with the fourth item focusing on the causes of semi-trailer fires.

  • Refrigerated units are more likely to cause fires due to the "electrical, fuel and exhaust system" components. 
  • Trailer axle area is the other concern where fires can ignite due to wheel bearings not having proper lubrication. If allowed to become hot enough, a fire can be started that can be fueled by "residual grease or brake phenolic." The fire can then move to a tire, and then it can quickly engulf the trailer. 

Maintaining semi-trailers are just as important as routine maintenance on the semi-trucks, especially those heavy-haul trailers. HDT Truckinginfo offers a great review of "How to Maintain Heavy-Haul Trailers" by Geisler, T. (2018, March 29). One suggestion found in this comprehensive review is found under the third topic regarding implementing a preventive maintenance plan. A great source of information is the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) website. 

One final reminder for traveling safely across the country with partial or full loads. Be sure that your cargo is properly secured. Even boxed trailers should have the load secured especially near the doors. Drivers and loaders can be seriously injured from product falling out upon opening the trailer doors.

Robertson Truck Sales and the entire Robertson Truck Group Family are here to bring you quality equipment and expert service to keep your trucking operation on the move. If you don't have a routine maintenance plan set up for your equipment, partner with us to properly maintain your entire fleet. Call us at 740-397-4969, or stop in to see our teamwork solution for all of your trucking needs.