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Useful Technology to Help Truck Drivers Save Time and Money

Robertson Truck Sales, one division of the Robertson Truck Group Family, is the largest, pre-owned truck dealer in Mid-Ohio. With over thirty years of knowledge and expertise, we continue to stay up-to-date with our exciting trucking industry to deliver the best solutions to our customers. Technology is making a major impact on every industry. The trucking industry is seeing informative, technology developments to help our truck drivers work more efficiently saving time and money.

Found on CDL Training Spot"21 Best Apps For Truck Drivers That Are Free", (Updated 2017, December 18) has done some great research for our truck drivers. The author points out that using the correct applications can save time and money.

Comparing another list of applications, let's see which apps are mentioned in both sources. Found on Factor Finders, "Top Smartphone Apps for Truck Drivers in 2018" has ten applications that were listed in the CDL Training Spot article. Let's take a look to see why these applications are great downloads for truck drivers to utilize.

  • Trucker Path (Trucker Path Pro) is one of the most popular applications truck drivers are using to "share the tricks of the trade on an interactive map." It's reportedly a reliable source when need to find "truck stops, parking availability, fuel prices or weigh station status." A huge community of truck drivers is connected and making life easier on the road.
  • Drivewyze gives truckers ways to bypass weigh stations.
  • Weigh My Truck gives truckers a quick way to weigh, pay and receipts can be e-mailed out to five e-mail recipients.
  • Fuelbook has a library of 7,000+ truck stops with fuel prices to help save money.
  • Lose It!  offers truck drivers an easy way to watch their calorie intake by setting goals for tracking.
  • Audiobooks give trucker drivers a way to listen to books to keep awake and alert.
  • Allstay is a truck driver recommended application to quickly find hotel vacancies.
  • iExit is a great application for our long-haul truck drivers to find exits and know what is available.
  • Waze is a great application for road hazards, police, heavy traffic that many drivers are using. It's silly to look at, but it's useful. It might bring a smile to your face.
  • Weather Channel offers weather updates and forecasts with homepage updating to match current location.

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