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Trucking Alert News: Dangerous Highways and Dangerous Days

Robertson Truck Sales has played a vital role in our country's exciting, trucking industry. From our small beginnings in 1984, we have grown to be part of the Robertson Truck Group. While we are the premier, pre-owned truck dealer in Mid-Ohio, our entire group offers anything you need to keep your trucking business on the move.

We take great pride in providing the best service possible to our customers. We want to keep their trucks and drivers safely moving across America. It is imperative that trucking companies keep their trucks well maintained to keep their drivers as safe as possible.

First, we want to note some alarming statistics found on American Trucker"10 most dangerous roads for truckers" by Fisher, J. (2017, November 17). Fisher reports that statistics have shown increased accidents involving trucks from Wednesday before Thanksgiving until January 1st on ten particular highways. The important factors to take away from this article is not only what highways, but what problems some of the trucks were found to have such as "at least one vehicle defect in over half of the trucks, 30% of the crashes were caused by equipment failure, and rain is the worst bad weather condition in the small percentage of weather-related accidents."

A second article found on FleetOwner"25 most deadly highways in the U.S." by Fisher, J. (2017, December 6) gives a more extensive list, but this list doesn't include the notorious five (5)that definitely should be mentioned. With more and more trucks needed to move our products across the country, everyone needs to be alert without distractions to take your eyes off the roads.

Our last and very interesting, current news found on FreightWaves, "Alert: June 7 is one of the most dangerous days for truck drivers" by Prevost, C. (2018, June 7) is a bit late for this year, but there are more years of June 7th to come. Prevost reports that statistics since 2013 are proving that after 4 pm until midnight, accidents are up as much as "21% between 4 pm and 7 pm and 19% between 9 pm and midnight." Another alarming statistic the author points out is that in "33% of truck accidents from 2013 until the present, at least one driver was intoxicated (this is not necessarily the driver of the commercial vehicle)." You will read a few other statistics regarding June 7th in the article.

The other day that Prevost reports has proved to be a dangerous day for our truck drivers is "October 11th." The time that accidents have peaked on this day is "between 7 pm and 10 pmwith 31% of fatalities happening compared to only 1.3% between those hours during the rest of the year." Read through this article to know all the interesting statistics gathered.

Robertson Truck Sales and the entire team behind the Robertson Truck Group Family are here to bring you the best in sales, maintenance, parts, fabrication, paint, and detail. When you need us, we're only a phone call away at 740-397-4969 to give you the best customer service in the Mid-Ohio area. It's always an honor to partner with you and your drivers. Stop in, and we'll show you how we can help your business safely move down the road.