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Global News: A Trucking 'Uberization' Solution In Brazil

Robertson Truck Sales, located in Mount Vernon, Ohio, is part of the one-source solution that the Robertson Truck Group Family offers. Being in the trucking business for almost thirty-five years, we are always looking for new solutions to offer to our customers with quality pre-owned medium and heavy-duty trucks and equipment, financing, and the best service available in the mid-Ohio area. There is an interesting concept happening across the Atlantic in Brazil with a company known as CargoX. 

Squawk Box. NBC. CNBC, NYC. 4 June. 2018 hosted CargoX's Founder and CEO, Federico Vega, with his company's interesting concept as told in his interview "CargoX CEO plans to 'Uberize' the trucking industry. Here's how" with Squawk Box host, Joe Kernen. From the interview, Brazil's trucking industry is powered by owner-operators. Vega explains how his idea is to help these owner-operators run at full capacity "without the worry of paperwork, freight insurance, and running empty." 

Also found on TechCrunch"Smart trucking startup CargoX raises $20M" by Ha, A. (2017, November 7) is an earlier interview with Federico Vega about his company's concept to bridge the gap between businesses and drivers with the goal to increase the owner-operator's revenue while lowering the shipping costs for businesses. This electronic platform is also beginning to utilize GPS devices that is allowing the ability to offer more exact information about delivery time to the businesses waiting for product. 

As Ha's interview reports, CargoX is collecting good data to utilize it in the future. Since it's launch in early 2016, the CEO reports that CargoX is among "the top 25 trucking companies in Brazil." When asked about moving beyond the borders of Brazil, the CEO feels there is a huge growth opportunity in Brazil with the lack of a railroad system, and he also understands the possible issues when trying to expand too fast. 

Robertson Truck Sales and the entire Robertson Truck Group certainly understand how important it is for our customers to get the best utilization and profit from their fleets. We are here to offer our customers the best, pre-owned equipment and superior maintenance, fabrication, and more. It's always an honor to have you select us as your number one choice for all your trucking needs. Drop in to meet our team, or give us a call at 740-397-4969.