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10 Podcasts for Truckers

Those long hours on the road mean you are going to need something other than local radio to keep you entertained. Try some podcasts instead. Sort of like talk radio on topics you're really interested in, podcasts are a great way to learn something new, to laugh, or to get invested in a really good story. Here are some great podcasts to try:

  1. Wine and Crime. Three friends from Minnesota chug wine, chat true crime, and are laugh-out-loud funny. The podcast topics range from stupid criminals to the most grisly murders, but the three hosts never fail to elicit a chuckle.
  2. Still Processing. From the New York Times, this podcast features two hosts with friendly banter and lively conversation, discussing pop culture through the lens of race, sexuality, and current events.
  3. Savage Love. Host Dan Savage offers his take on love, sex, and relationship advice. Every episode starts with a question, and, honestly, the best part is trying to figure out if it is true or not.
  4. The Bill Simmons Podcast. The most downloaded sports podcast of all time, this show explores the world of sports and pop culture.
  5. Stuff you Missed in History Class. This podcast explores the bizarre, interesting, and lesser-known aspects of history. 
  6. CNN 10. Actually a video podcast, and thus one best enjoyed while parked, this podcast gives you a 10 minute run down on significant news stories.
  7. Alice isn't Dead. A fictional story about a truck driver searching across America for a long-lost wife, presumed dead, this story is packed with surprises and conspiracies.
  8. Trucking Podcast. A podcast for truckers by truckers, this doesn't get bogged down in boring how-to's. Instead, it covers a range of topics and issues.
  9. Trucker Dump. Hosted by Todd McCann, a trucker for 20 years, this podcast provides insights into the world of trucking. Personal favorite is the episode about why truckers don't have butts
  10. Freakonomics. This podcast covers a wide variety of topics and the weirdness of human nature.