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Freightliner Shows Off the EconicSD Refuse Truck at WasteExpo

In Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Waste Expo, a waste management and recycling conference, Freightliner Trucks revealed its new EconicSD refuse truck. The truck is a European-styled cab-over-engine design with low-entry. Freightliner, which is owned by Daimler Trucks North America, hopes it can gain some momentum in the refuse collection industry with the new model, according to

Currently, the truck maker dominates a sizeable portion of the heavy-duty truck market, specifically for long-haul freight trips. The refuse collection industry does far shorter routes, and many of the vehicles in the business are powered by natural gas. Freightliner's new truck brings another diesel option to the table. 

While the EconicSD will come to the North American market, the cab and chassis will be engineered and built in Woerth, Germany, according to That facility is Daimler's largest truck plant. Before the EconicSD cab makes its way to the United States, 125 modifications will need to be made to make the truck ready for the North American market. Daimler will ship all the parts to Gaffney, S.C. and from there Freightliner will assemble the trucks at its factory. 

While the 350 hp diesel engine has some people excited, the low cab height seemed to be what Daimler's executives were the most excited about. "If you have available technology that provides integrated safety systems, why wouldn't you want to offer it?" Richard Saward, Freightliner's general manager of vocational and government sales said during the reveal reported on by Commercial Carrier Journal. "If you've got a cab design that puts the operator and the pedestrian at eye-level with each other, how would you keep it out of the market? If you've got a side pedestrian warning system, why wouldn't you offer it?

Commercial Carrier Journal noted the EconicSD has a panoramic windshield for good visibility and advanced safety features like stability control, active brake assist, adaptive cruise control, and lane departure warning. With features like that and a diesel engine, it will be interesting to see if the EconicSD is as successful as Freightliner hopes it will be.