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Don't Just Kick The Tires

You have a lot riding on the tires of every truck. Not only do you have the product load to be safely delivered, you also have the safety of your driver and many other drivers sharing the roads and highways. Like the regular maintenance of changing oil, tires need a regular maintenance check too.

"What's Killing Your Tires?" by Jim Park on HDT Truckinginfo reviews five items you need to continually consider. Something so simple as making sure your tires are properly inflated can help prolong your tires' life. As the author reported, improperly inflated tires are the main cause of tire failures. 

Park reports how mechanical issues such as your tires being misaligned is another main reason for tires wearing out before they should. Yet, there are more severe issues that can be the cause of your tires showing unusual wear. 

Mismatching tires, especially if the tires are not the same size is something that you should avoid. Do you have the proper tire type for the roads your trucks are traveling? Road hazards, as Park points out, are sometimes unavoidable and drivers should report any tire repairs made on the road. 

Also found on HDT Truckinginfo"Tire Maintenance: It's Not Just Checking Tire Pressure" by Les Smart discusses the liability your company will face if worn or damaged tires are the cause of accidents involving other cars. Smart also discusses the importance of tire pressure, but he also reviews using the proper tire gauge for truck tires. If your truck is dual-wheeled, have the inside tires been checked and inflated to the proper pressure? Is it hard to check the inside tires? There is a fix. Tire treads and sidewalls need to be routinely checked for improper wear and tear.

Whether you just need a maintenance check of your tires or you need a diagnosis of irregular wear and tear, we are fully equipped to keep your trucks road ready. Robertson Truck Saleshas an expert service team to keep your trucks rolling safely down the road, and it's always our honor to service your fleet.