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Technology Advancements that will Improve Semi-Trucks

Technology in all industries is responsible for helping to make equipment and processes safer and more efficient. One industry that is continuing to see tech improvements is the shipping and transportation industry. Semi-trucks in particular are being improved through a variety of different technology enhancements.

Self-Driving Trucks

One of the most highly anticipated changes to all forms of transportation is the inclusion of self-driving technology in vehicles. While many car manufacturers are working to provide a self-driving solution, semi-trucks are expected to soon be largely driverless. Tesla and a variety of other truck manufacturers and tech companies are working on technologies that will help to make driverless trucks safer and more efficient, which should help to drastically reduce overall shipment costs and make the roads safer.

GPS and Data Sharing

Another way that semi-trucks are going to be improved is through the sharing of GPS data. While GPS has been a tool in semi-trucks for well over a decade, its practical use and functionality is only continuing to grow. Within the next few years, the majority of all major trucking companies will be able to use GPS technology to receive more real-time data about truck status. This will be able to use real-time traffic data to provide more accurate delivery estimates than ever provided in the past and allow drivers to find the most efficient delivery routes.

Data sharing in semi-trucks will also be used for trucking companies to test the current status of the truck and the driver. Signals sent from the truck will be able to provide a fleet owner whether the truck is operating efficiently or whether it is in need of repairs. The information provided will also be able to identify whether the driver of the truck is operating it safely. If not, the fleet owner will be able to signal the driver to take a break.