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Tesla Semi-Truck to Impact Industry in Major Way

Semi-trucks have been extremely valuable vehicles for decades as they have been necessary to transport products across the country. While semi-trucks have been very valuable and useful, one of the biggest concerns that people have is the amount of diesel fuel that they require with each trip. Due to this concern, one of the biggest changes in the industry has been the increased prevalence of electric trucks. Today, many major companies use electric trucks and it has been estimated that within the next ten years electric semi-trucks will account for 25% of all trucks.

While electric trucks have been growing in popularity recently, the entire industry received a major shock when Tesla unveiled their electric truck in November 2017. While this truck is still awhile away from reaching the masses, it has many different features that are sure to improve the industry forever. One of the main features of the new Tesla electric truck is that it will be able to reduce energy usage by a significant amount. Overall, it is estimated that the electricity used will be 70% cheaper than the cost of diesel for an identical trip.

Another impressive feature of the Tesla model is that it has far more torque than current semi-trucks. This will give drivers more performance and acceleration when behind the wheels and could make them safer to drive. The improved efficiency and performance will likely also be combined with the other latest technology in semi-trucks including GPS technology, shared data, and smart truck technology that will give fleet owners more real-time information about the truck than ever before.

While the truck technology could improve the industry, there is still a lot of infrastructure that will need to be improved to allow for it. This will have to include building charging stations all over the country to ensure trucks can always reach their destinations.