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How to Find the Best Parts and Service Provider for Your Trucks

Access to stellar service and replacement parts is critical to your truck's efficiency and safe driving performance. As you evaluate potential service providers, you should take the time to make sure that they have the expertise and resources to quickly meet your needs. Below are the top five qualities to seek in a truck parts and service provider.

1) Industry experience. There is no substitute for experience in the medium and heavy-duty trucking industry. The ability to quickly diagnose and troubleshoot problems is vital to helping drivers resume their regular daily activities and deliver loads on time.

2) A robust parts inventory. Choosing a provider with a comprehensive parts inventory is essential to ensuring that repairs are made as quickly as possible using the highest quality parts. 

3) Authorized distribution for leading manufacturers. Selecting a parts and service provider with strong relationships with industry leaders is critical to efficient repairs and servicing. Ideally, the provider you choose should be an authorized distributor for industry leaders such as the following:

  • Maxon
  • Muncie Power Products
  • Godwin Manufacturing
  • ACI Agri-Cover, Inc.

4) Excellent accessibility. Truck problems are unpredictable and often occur outside of standard business hours. This can be frustrating to drivers who need to get back on the road without delay. The provider you select should be easily accessible by telephone, text, or e-mail to ensure that your needs are met.

5) Outstanding professionalism. Choosing a parts and service provider with a professional support team will help ensure that you are confident and satisfied with the quality of parts and service you receive. A good way to evaluate a provider's professionalism is to visit their facility in person to assess their inventory and staff responsiveness.

Finalizing Your Decision

Seeking a truck parts and service provider with all of the above assets might seem like an intimidating process. Fortunately, the Robertson Truck Sales Parts & Service team exhibits all of these qualities. Conveniently located in Mount Vernon, Ohio, Robertson Truck Sales is committed to providing customers with the parts they need while offering an unparalleled level of service. We look forward to becoming your trusted parts and service provider!