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Plan on Gliding into the Future?

New Year's Day 2018 caused many members of the semi-truck industry to have major headaches. The pain wasn't caused by a night of revelry but by ELD mandates and legislation dating back to the Obama Administration. Yes, we're referring to the now infamous, Glider Rule. For those unfamiliar with it, the rule has the ability to negatively impact used semi-truck industry sales.

Importance of Choosing Correctly

The Glider Rule takes into consideration truck emissions, which like electronic log devices, has long been a subject for debate. How could it negatively impact used semi-truck sales? Simply put, because of the way the rule is written, buyers would have to ensure that their purchases met with current emission guidelines. In case of purchases from Robertson Truck Group, that wouldn't be a problem.

Dealers Drivers and Their Employers Can Trust

Our inventory of used semi-trucks has been thoroughly examined by our service team. As such, we're confident that every used truck on our lot meets current state and federal regulations. However, not all used semi-truck dealers take such care in preparing their inventory for sale. So, there are potential buyers out there with obvious concerns. For them, the good news is government officials are already looking to rescind the rule.

Can't Wait for Legislation to Change?

Of course rescinding the rule will take time and some members of the trucking industry can't afford to wait. They need a place where they can go to buy used semi-trucks without the fear of running afoul of the law. Enter our Robertson Truck Group's various locations. We have reputable lots throughout Ohio and offer a wide variety of used semi-trucks for sale. Plus, we have truck equipment available for purchase too.

In addition, buyers worried about the Glider Rule can count on our leasing and financing solutions to get them through. They make buying used semi-trucks that meet the latest guidelines as easy as ordering a cup of coffee from one's favorite, greasy spoon. To learn more about what Robertson Truck Sales is doing to help drivers and their employers stay within the current guidelines, please contact us today.