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5 Fleet Headquarter Improvements Your Drivers will Appreciate (Part 2)

Welcome back to the second half of our two-part article on how to upgrade your fleet headquarters in ways that will really matter to your drivers. Last time we talked about how fleets often make upgrades without checking on what their drivers actually need. We also covered the importance of comfy private places to grab a nap and the opportunity to exercise between runs. Today, we'll pick up at strategic cleanliness.

3) Thorough Cleaning Procedures

When you spend all day in the same space, it can be easy to let things get grungy without even noticing. However, the cleanliness of work environments makes a huge, if subtle, difference in employee mood and productivity. One great favor you can do for your drivers is to thoroughly clean the inside of the vehicles as frequently as possible along with the frequently used public spaces. By keeping the napping couches and workout machines clean, for instance, you ensure that every driver who uses your headquarters facilities gets the best possible results.

4) Provide Healthy Meals

Almost every fleet headquarters offers coffee but what about actual calories? We all know that road food that can be picked up quickly and eaten with one hand on the wheel often isn't very good for you. Sure there are healthy wraps and veggie burgers but opportunities to get these in a drive-through are few and far between. By making sure healthy, quick, and driver-friendly meals available in your break room every working day means that ya significantly higher percentage of your driver's meals will be healthy. Especially with a press toaster and microwave available to make meals satisfactorily hot.

5) Clearly Posted Live Schedule

Finally, schedules matter a lot to your drivers, particularly if your service tends to have multi-day trips. The sooner you can inform your drivers of their schedule, the better, and often the ability to see each other's schedules is also useful. If your groups are small enough to be easily represented, a large schedule-board on a TV screen in headquarters is a great way to keep everyone caught up and quickly informed about changes.

If you're planning on making headquarter upgrades in the near future, don't forget to check with your drivers and try to make improvements that will both look good and notably improve the working experience of your drivers, mechanics, and office staff.