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5 Fleet Headquarter Improvements Your Drivers will Appreciate (Part 1)

[Fleet Headquarters = Depot for shipping/trucking company]

Maintaining a high level of driver retention is often one of the biggest challenges a professional fleet faces. Even great drivers who enjoy your policies may move on to another opportunity simply because much of the driver industry has a 'greener pastures' attitude. Not only do you want to maintain a positive relationship with past drivers in case the good ones come back, you also want to make your headquarters as enjoyable and efficient as possible so that your dedicated drivers to boost their morale and productivity at the same time. However, not every improvement you can think of will achieve your goals. You might be surprised how many companies spent time and money on fleet headquarters improvements without speaking to the actual team about what they need, want, and would be motivated by.

The key to using your fleet improvement budget wisely is to find projects that will look good to management and significantly improve the work environment of your drivers. Don't forget to check with the office staff and your mechanics as well.

1) Comfy Napping Couches

Depending on the nature of your fleet services, shifts can be very long and you want your drivers getting started in the best possible condition. Whether they have a few minutes between drop-off and pick-up or arrive a little early for their first trip of the week, the ability to catch a quick nap can make the difference between clear-headed attention a bleary-eyed departure. Of course, to encourage naps in the workplace, you need a strategic arrangement of large comfy couches and private nooks so that your employees don't feel like they're taking up public social space for their nap. If your headquarters building has any strange or smaller spaces, these could be perfect areas to stash a couch for a private nap between drives.

2) Local Exercise Facilities

Much like office workers, drivers often suffer from medical conditions relating to sitting for too long but your drivers can't switch to a standing desk to solve the problem. You can do your part in promoting driver health by including a workout area in your headquarters. This allows your drivers to use a few spare minutes each day or between trips to get their hearts pumping a little bit. If you have grounds, consider asking your landscaping service to install a track that drivers can run to shake out their legs after a long trip.

The comfort of your drivers makes a big difference, especially if you specialize in interstate and long-haul services. Please join us next time for the second half of this two-part article where we'll talk about how to use cleanliness, catering, and a big schedule board to make a real difference to your driver experiences and quality of work out on the road.