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What Makes Wheel Alignment Crucial for your Trailer

Since the time wide-based tires have made their foray into the trailer industry, there has been concern on proper axle or wheel alignment in these vehicles.

While it is crucial to enhance the tire life of a semi-trailer, wide-based wheels need to be aligned exactly as recommended in the manufacturer's manual. However, longer drives make them vulnerable to constant wearing. Let's look at how to track wheel alignment while being on the roads:

Routine Maintenance of Suspension Components:

The alignment of the tires is imperative to maximize the lifespan of trailer wheels. Your trailer will come with proper alignment from the manufacturer's plant. But, operations and their severity take their toll on them and change their alignment. So, you need routine maintenance to keep them going. 

Timely Replacement of Worn Bushings and Fasteners:

This can be cited as another reason to conduct routine inspection of the suspension components. You should check these parts, fasteners, and bushings of your semi-trailers during every maintenance haul. The initial alignment of the wheel may get rigorously affected if the bushings of air ride suspension are beaten up over time.  Also, cover the track bars on mechanical suspension during these schedules.

Selection of Appropriate Axle Alignment:

If the axle camber isn't specifically set for your applications, there can be wear inside the tires. The wide-based tires are highly susceptible to the deflection of suspension axle caused by the heavy load. So, you can't overlook this specific alignment issue.

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