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Choose Fontaine for Your Next Trailer At Robertson Truck Sales

When searching for the best trailer to accompany your truck, there is one company you should look towards. Fontaine Commercial Trailer is one of the largest platform trailer manufacturers in the world, and they are an excellent choice for your next trailer. They offer some of the best quality and resale value in the trucking industry. 

The company was founded by John Fontaine in 1940 and has been producing trucking accessories and trailers ever since. They have dedicated business units with manufacturing facilities located in Jasper, Haleyville, and Springville, Alabama that produce trailers and accessories that are widely distributed across the United States and Canada.

Fontaine produces a variety of trailers for everything you plan to haul. Fontaine Trailer Commercial Platform makes flatbed and dropdeck trailers that are available in Revolution Aluminum, Infinity Combo, or Velocity Steel. Fontaine Heavy-Haul produces heavy-haul trailers that are great for commercial and construction hauling. They have multi-axle solutions, heavy-haul components, hydraulic tails, and extendable solutions to help you with any heavy haul. Also, their Evolution Flat Deck is lighter than any other intermodal deck on the market.

They even manufacture military products and trailers that hold military vehicles. Their trailers are already the lightest and strongest in their class, but the Fontaine Research and Development Center is always trying to create a lighter, stronger, and more durable trailer. They also produce several parts and optional equipment to go with their trailers.

If you are looking to buy one of the most reliable trailers in the industry, contact Robertson Truck Sales. They are a certified dealer of Fontaine trailers and would love to help you find the right trailer today!