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Do You Know these Facts about the Trucking Industry?

You could be a hardened and seasoned road veteran or a green driver with only a few hundred miles under the belt, either way read on to learn a few little known facts about the history of trucking. Commit these historical facts to memory for the long haul to impress your friends on the road.

1) Many of the roads you drive on took over 20 years to complete

The Federal Highway Act was signed into law by Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956. The federal government committed $25 billion with the passage of this act to create a web of roads connecting every corner of the nation by asphalt. The goal of the legislation was to increase efficiency of military transports during the intensifying of the Cold War. The project lasted for 20 years.

2) Rail was the dominant freight method for decades

This may not be a "little known fact," but did you know that since World War I trucks have been used for shipping cargo and freight? Trucks were not major players in the shipping industry until the 1930's. Around this time, trucking became the smarter choice to haul freight over long distances.

3) Rodeos are not just for cowboys

That's right, truckers have their own Roadeo. The American Trucking Association (ATA) has hosted the National Truck & Step Van Championship (also known as the National Roadeo Championship) since 1937. The event brings together drivers of the industry, showcasing their skills in a variety of competitions. Competitors must qualify at state level competitions before competing nationally.

4) Drivers have a whole week dedicated to them

Truck drivers have their own appreciation week dedicated to them, honoring the hard work and thousands of miles that have been driven. For nearly 20 years, every September is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. The week brings recognition to the history of trucking, promotes conversations about road safety, and highlights the importance of trucking to the American economy.

If you are itching to learn more interesting tidbits, contact us. Robertson Truck Sales has knowledgeable staff who have the ability to answer your questions.