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Roadside Inspection Tips For Heavy Truck Drivers

It is no surprise that most semi-truck drivers do not enjoy roadside inspections. These inspections are, though, important because they give the semi-truck and its driver an on the spot safety check-up.

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), a group of local, state and federal authorities responsible for enforcing the motor vehicle laws in the United States, Mexico and Canada, oversees these safety inspections.  These safety check-ups occur at portable scales, weigh stations and other locations along the nation's roadways.

To make these inspections go smoothly, the smart semi-truck driver follows simple roadside inspection etiquette.   Discretion regarding what level of inspection to perform and what to cite or not cite as a violation resides with the inspector. Driver manners can go a long way toward influencing how thoroughly he looks at you and your rig.

Follow these tips for a good roadside inspection experience:

Be Polite and Have a Good Attitude

The inspector knows that you do not want to have your truck inspected.  It wastes time and money.   Do not, though, aggravate the situation by asking why the inspector has chosen to look at you and your truck or by arguing with the inspector for any reason.  Smile and have a good attitude.  Accept the situation and handle yourself like the professional that you are.  

Be Cooperative

Do what the inspector asks when he asks you to do it.  If he asks for your documents, give them to him without hesitating.  If he asks you a question, answer it honestly.  Do not hem and haw.  He might think that you are hiding something such as a defect on the truck.  This might lead to a more thorough inspection.

Be Organized

Ensure that your driver's license, logs and medical certificate are current and readily available.  You do not want to have to dig for them while the inspector waits.