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A Trucking Success

Founded in 1984 on the premise of hard, honest work and an investment in people, the trucking industry, and a future for mid-Ohioans who treasure the same, Robertson Truck Sales is more than just sales. Phil Robertson founded Robertson Truck Sales and has maintained a small but effective core of employees ever since. 

More than sales, Robertson Truck Sales is a group of several companies: National Truck & Equipment Sales, Ohio Truck Equipment, and Equipment Leasing Solutions are all a part of the Robertson Truck Group. 

From expertly fabricating trucks and equipment, to professionally painting and detailing, to mechanical solutions and fixing what needs to be fixed, Robertson Truck Group has a solution for trucking needs. What's more, Robertson Truck Group is a licensed distributor for many of the top names in trucking. From Godwin to ProTech, WaltCo to Maxon, the Robertson Truck Group has the parts, pieces, and products that anyone in the trucking industry is looking for. 

Conveniently located on Columbus Road in Mount Vernon, Ohio, Robertson Truck Sales can easily help anyone in the Ohio region. With 112 trucks on hand, 234 bodies to roam, and 44 trailers to load and put to work, trucking has been made simple by Phil Robertson and his team. Furthermore, the Robertson Truck Group is partnered with First Pacific Funding to ensure that their customers can quickly and easily gain access to financing their trucking needs. 

If you have further questions about Robertson Truck Sales or any of the companies in Robertson Truck Group, please contact us today!