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Advanced Clean Transportation Expo Coming in 2018

The Advanced Clean Transportation Expo is considered one of the largest industry events for vehicles using clean fuel. The upcoming event will be held at the Long Beach Convention Center from April 30th to March 3rd in 2018. 

The expo will showcase the latest innovations in the trucking field that are environmentally friendly. Major  brands like Honda will reveal their electric commercial fleets and other vehicles that use clean energy instead of gas. The speakers and exhibitors will discuss various renewable fuels ranging from hybrids, natural gas, electricity, hydrogen and propane gas. The event organizers decided to focus on the clean energy market due to the increased market demand for electric-based medium and heavy duty trucks. 

The Commercial Electric Vehicle Summit will meet at the same time as the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo since it has a similar target audience. Thousands of exhibitors from various brands who will take the opportunity to debut new fleets that use alternative types of fuel. 

To learn more about the event or receive updates, you can visit their website to sign up for their newsletter. They will also share more information posted about the sponsors, speakers and partnerships who will participate after registration opens in January 2018. If you are curious and want to learn more about clean energy or alternative types of transportation, you should consider getting a ticket and going to the event. It is one of the few places you can view sophisticated clean vehicles that can help with many applications and functions.