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Cummins Steals Tesla Thunder With Class 7 Electric AEOS

New Class 7 Truck Revealed by Respected Powertrain Manufacturer

Cummins has been in the heavy trucking powertrain business for nearly 100 years. The company traditionally manufactures the engines and transmissions that make trucks go, not the trucks themselves. That hasn’t stopped Cummins from rolling out their new Class 7 all electric concept truck on August 29th, beating Tesla to the punch by two days.

AEOS Class 7 Demo Model

The Cummins electric prototype is named for Aeos, one of 4 mythological pegasuses who pulled the fiery chariot (the sun) of the Greek god Helios around the earth on a daily basis. The Cummins Aeos demo truck isn’t quite ready for an around the world haul yet, but it is an all electric model capable of hauling at a weight limit of 75,000 pounds for 100 miles with the standard 140 kWh battery pack replacing a 12-liter engine. Hence the day cab configuration, for now.

The range can be extended up to 300 miles with additional battery packs. Cummins plans to use the Class 7 Aeos to research further advancement of the electric powertrain for use in Class 8 trucks in the near future.


Cummins achieved a significant reduction in aerodynamic drag by eliminating exterior mirrors completely, replacing them with an in-dash camera. The electric powertrain also eliminates the need for radiator cooling, allowing a complete streamlining at the front end of the truck body.

Even More Energy Saving Features

Cummins will be using a regenerative braking system which routes excess braking energy back to the battery pack to increase range. They also see the potential for solar cells on the trailer to extend road time between recharges.

The company’s goal is to be the global leader in powertrains. Adding the electric Aeos to their line tops off the existing Cummins powertrain options for diesel and natural gas.

That’s great news for the trucking industry, but perhaps “shocking” news for Tesla. You can read the full report at this link to the Cummins’ website.