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The Future of Trucking on Electric Highways

Whether or not you knew it, Sweden has been shaping the world of vehicles and transportation for a long time with inventions like the monkey wrench and the three point seatbelt. This year they're introducing something new that looks like it could transform interstate trucking and significantly reduce the number of times you'll need to refuel. Their invention, the Electric Highway, proposes trucks that run on electricity, natural gas, and municipal power supplies.

Electric Highways

This experiment already in progress combines the idea of a semi truck with an inner-city trolly, powered by cables strung above the trucking lane. Sweden is currently testing hybrid-electric big rigs with an antenna extended over the top. Normally they run on natural gas and battery power, but when the truck hits a stretch of road lined with cables, it can run 100% off of the supplied electric power.

How Fast Can They Go?

When it comes to practical industry adoption, speed is important for maintaining the established delivery schedules and these highways don't slouch. The initial testing has concluded that trucks on the cables can run at up to 55mph while connected to the wire and can break away freely when exiting wired areas.

The Future of Trucking

While this news is exciting, it will be several years before we start seeing a wide-spread rollout of these trucking wires or sale of the trucks meant to be powered by them. Sweden currently has a little over a mile of the electric highway now and want at least another two years of testing before considering release.

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