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A Comparison of Upcoming Semi Truck Technology

If you look around your house, consider the fact that most of the items were at one point carried on a semi-truck. The big rig industry plays an integral part in our nation. It's no surprise that many companies want to break into the multi-billion dollar industry, which is currently preparing to welcome two ambitious companies, Tesla and Nikola.


CEO Elon Musk has already established credibility for himself with Tesla, Inc (formerly Tesla Motors) and SpaceX. Well respected in the field of electric cars and space technology, Musk is entering the semi truck industry.


While the details of the upcoming Tesla semi-truck debut are sparse, there is much speculation of potential features of the electric big rig. Whether or not the truck is self-driving has yet to be revealed, but many in the industry think it is highly possible because of Tesla’s experience with self-piloting electric cars.


Experts are predicting that the new Tesla truck will have a 500 mile range on a full battery. Compared to that, the hydrogen-fueled Nikola One will have an 800-1,200 mile range on full battery.


The Nikola One will be the first hydrogen-sourced electric semi on the market. With a plan for over 300 fueling stations and a fifteen minute charge up time, CEO Trevor Milton is aiming to cut costs and increase driver pay by twenty-five to fifty percent.  


Although the Tesla truck is expected to have a range that is less than the Nikola One, Tesla’s battery swap program could make up for that.  Tesla cars have access to a battery swap program that takes less than thirty seconds to provide a full battery; if implemented with the upcoming truck, there will be no significant time wasted on fueling up.  


Though we may know more about the Nikola One, which will be on the roads by 2020, Tesla is due to unveil in just a few months, September of 2017. These two companies are aiming to change the trucking industry forever; both are staying true to the ingenuity of the inventor after which they are named, Nikola Tesla.