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3 Quick Tips to Improve your Semi-Truck Health And Well-Being

In an article titled, "The Long White Line: The Mental and Physical Effects of Long-Haul Trucking", author Dan Nosowitz describes the occupation as follows,

"Truck driving is, without a doubt, one of the most brutal jobs a person can do. Across the board, long-haul truckers have higher rates of obesity, diabetes, anxiety, depression, cardiovascular disease, divorce, and drug use than the average American. Their on-the-job fatality rates are a ridiculous 11 times higher than average. The mental issues tend to play off the physical issues and vice versa, churning up a whirlwind of work-related trauma."

The benefits of improving a semi-truck lifestyle should speak for themselves, but sometimes it's difficult to know what to do to get you started Here's a short list of improvements you can make today while on the run:

Diet: If you're overweight there are options out there, even at some fast food chains. You already know to check the calories, sodium, and sugars. These are all crucial, but here's a tip you might not know.  Food trucks are inexpensive, healthier than most fast food menus, and service is speedy. They are likely to use local organic ingredients, which supports small farms. These mobile eateries often offer ethnic food for a change of pace. You'll soon learn your favorite mom-and-pops and look forward to pulling in the next time you drive through.

Exercise: Who's got the time or energy? You do! Make it enjoyable. Take a 10-minute walk every morning before hauling out; you can take your coffee with you. Enjoy the air and appreciate nature's glory.  Once mastered extend to 15 minutes, or tack on another 10 minutes at the end of the day.  Then, after a shower, grip each end of a bath towel and stretch over the head and twist to work out the kinks.

Drowsiness: You already know about the recommended eight hours sleep each night for mental clarity, but try this suggestion if drowsy. Turn on a talk radio station that doesn't reflect your politics. Nothing will get the blood pumping like listening to someone else's contrary political views. It's better than bumping music up a notch. And you might learn something, even if it sets your teeth on edge.

After a few weeks, you'll be surprised at the results. Once you make these tips a habit, you'll look forward to your personal time to refresh and stretch. Think of your health as a service appointment for your body and mind.

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