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Doft Is Increasing Efficiency for Independent Truckers

There are nearly 3.5-million truck drivers in the United States. Many of these drivers work for large haulage companies, but there are roughly 400,000 freelance and owner-operator drivers out there. Advancements in the industry typically benefit the larger companies while the drivers who are freelancing or working for their own company are often overlooked. The Doft (do freight transportation) platform is embracing these overlooked drivers and making it easier to find jobs and use their time efficiently. 

Doft is a solution for freelance and owner-operator drivers that allows them to instantly connect with shippers. Much like Uber's ride-sharing service, Doft directly connects shippers in need of hauling service with available drivers, eliminating the costly need for freight brokers and dispatchers. According to CEO Dmitri Fedorchenko, trucks spend nearly 15-25% of their time driving with no cargo. Doft hopes to significantly decrease this wasteful practice by ensuring that trucks are continuously carrying cargo between destinations. This app is also helpful for small shippers in need of last-minute haulage service. They'll not only save precious time searching for trucks, they can also track the location of their goods with the app's GPS system. 

Fedorchenko, who is also a former IBM engineer, is confident that the Doft app will be incredibly successful and extremely valuable to both truckers and shippers. The app offers the convenience of a connection between shipper and trucker in less than two minutes, the increased efficiency of a consistently full truck, and the opportunity for freelance and owner-operator truckers to find more work.