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President Trump Meets With Trucking Industry

On January 20, 2017, there was an administration change in Washington and Donald Trump was sworn in as the new President of the United States.  With every administration comes a new set of interest, policies, and priorities.  One of those new priorities is the growth of the economy and jobs.  There will be more focus put on industries that were neglected during the last administration.  One of those industries is the trucking industry, and President Trump met with its major leaders on March 23, 2017.

The trucking industry, worth $725 billion, is a crucial part of the American economy.  One out of every 16 job holders in the United States are truck drivers and it is the most popular job in 29 states.  There are 7.3 million Americans who have jobs because of trucking.  Moreover, 70 percent of all American goods are moved by truck.  Without trucking, the American economy comes to a halt.  Therefore, it is important that the industry be allowed to grow and thrive.

However, trucking has been hindered by the burdens placed on it by the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.  It has been forced to perform tedious administrative duties, pay increasing insurance costs, and deal with a lack of choice in insurance plans.  Many industry leaders want to see a simple health care policy that allows businesses to make their own choices.

Because of ACA, many trucking businesses spent money on their health care cost that could have been used more efficiently somewhere else.  This has prevented many of them from growing and many truck fleets are too small to deal with the industry’s workload.  Moreover, there is a shortage of almost 50,000 truckers.  This is something that needs to be dealt with and it may happen with this administration.